Posted in August 2012


Who doesn’t love Friday’s?  To most of us it means the gateway to two days of doing what we want on our terms.  Usually that ends up consisting of chores and errands cause in the real world that stuff has to get done somehow.  The working class doesn’t always have the luxury of having help with that sort … Continue reading

Writing is hard

Yea I know…that isn’t some deep epiphany or anything.  Trust me, you won’t get any deep thoughts here.  But, it’s true.  It’s hard because I have this whole story plot line running through my head.  I know exactly how it should all play out.  It’s like a movie I can’t stop playing over and over. … Continue reading


For those of you reading…for those of you visiting, I welcome you to the inter-workings of my mind.   Bwahahahahah ~twists hands in evil laughter~ …I digress.  Seriously, though I am hoping to use and abuse this site in creative ways.  I am hoping that this dry spell I am under will be quickly quenched … Continue reading