Writing is hard

Yea I know…that isn’t some deep epiphany or anything.  Trust me, you won’t get any deep thoughts here.  But, it’s true.  It’s hard because I have this whole story plot line running through my head.  I know exactly how it should all play out.  It’s like a movie I can’t stop playing over and over.  Yet, I just can’t write it out.  Maybe it’s because I have to chapter it.  Maybe it’s because I have too much going on to even think.  Maybe it’s because every time I sit down at the computer I have two little faces in my face that make it difficult to type while I’m braking up fights or making sure they do what they need to in the morning.  Either way, I know I’ll get it, its just a matter of when.

I know the back ground…I’ve already laid that out there with my pre-chapter and chapter 1. I know the hard part of bringing Elie and Jack together…I already have that written in saved future chapters.  The part that is difficult for me is bringing them together for the first time.  What should that be?  How should that go?  Should she be standoffish?  Should he be a dick?  I think I’ve written that chapter over at least three times.

I know this is something I’ll get.  I know this is something I need to eventually work through.  But, somehow writing it down here makes it better.  Somehow letting you know and seeing it in writing makes it known that it’s only a small bump. And I’ll get over it and I’ll finish this project I’ve decided to take on.

It’s because of you I’ll carry on…Til next time… Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day and Love Beyond Words


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