Who doesn’t love Friday’s?  To most of us it means the gateway to two days of doing what we want on our terms.  Usually that ends up consisting of chores and errands cause in the real world that stuff has to get done somehow.  The working class doesn’t always have the luxury of having help with that sort of thing.  But it’s still on your terms, when YOU want to do it.  And that’s a beautiful thing.

I have a whole new love for Friday’s now.  Today we start a tradition of seeing my sister and her new husband.  We hadn’t ever done this before.  We would get together on holidays, some birthdays, every once in a while for a date with the desert.  But, a standing day where we would get together…we’d never done it.  Oh, sure I’d heard about the weekly visits they had with his sister, but I’d always kinda thought….that’s cool, but why would they want to come out this way more than once a week?

Boy was I wrong….I learned something this past year…time is way to precious to be putting things off.  We really enjoy hanging with the two of them and I need to spend more time with my sister.  (he he he)  And now the traditions begin!  Yea!

This Friday is also a little extra..well, I don’t know what to call it.   Intense.  Worry-some.  Exciting.  Nervous.  We’ve been trying something that the doc suggested for my husbands leg where the bone wasn’t healing properly.  It’s an ultra sound machine and it supposedly heals bone faster when used once a day.  My fingers are crossed that this will work and there won’t be any other surgeries necessary.  Keep your fingers crossed for me & my husband!

Since this is Friday…I’m not sure that I’ll be getting on over the weekend.  I know my goal is to write about something everyday…but weekends are usually play time and sometimes I just don’t have time to get on here.  I will try, though, because I think this is going to work.  I can feel the urge to get something on paper. 😉

Till next time….Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day and Love Beyond Words


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