Posted in September 2012

The Voice

                                                       Warning: this is un-beta’ed but I wanted to share because it’s complete and I’ll be torturing you all with unfinished stuff for a while 😉 ___________________________________________________________ I shook … Continue reading

Football Ramblings

Wait, first let me preference this by saying I don’t know a lot about the sport.  I don’t know player stats.  I couldn’t tell you any one’s passing yards, rushing yards, touchdown passes or any of that.  What I can tell you is that usually I enjoy watching the game.  I love the athleticism of the players.  I love the … Continue reading

Late Night Rambles

I feel like a teenager.  I’m anxious.  I’m giddy.  I’m beside myself waiting for the moment I get to see my  man.  It sounds like we’ve been apart for a long period of time.  Like it’s been months, even years since we’d looked into each others eyes.  Yet, it has only been two days. Look I … Continue reading

Untitled Musings

In the months that I have been trying my hand at writing again, I’ve found something interesting.  Some of my characters have branched into something completely different.  I knew in the moment that they wouldn’t have anything to do with my main story, but for some reason, I had to write out their scene.  Maybe … Continue reading

Just A Little Unfinished Business

No, it’s not finished.  I know, I know… but, I wasn’t sure I was going to finish this.  This is one of those thoughts that flashed through my mind one day when I was driving home and heard a song on my Slacker station.  I couldn’t resist writing something about what I’d seen.  A story … Continue reading

Simple Question

Today’s post is short as I simply pose you a question.  Okay…maybe two …or more 😉   Do you prefer short chapters?  Or longer ones with lots and lots going on? Do you like multiple voices of the characters in the same chapter?  Or if each chapter you get a glimpse into one or the other … Continue reading

Forward Progress

At least I’d like to think of it as forward progress.  Anything that isn’t back tracking is moving forward, right? I decided over the weekend that I’d set my alarm clock fifteen minutes earlier so I could maybe get some writing time in.  I know fifteen minutes doesn’t seem like that much time, but it’s … Continue reading


Happy Friday!  I love Friday’s.  Everyone is in such a happy mood, looking forward to the freedom a weekend can bring.   Trips, adventures, you name it.  For us, Friday’s have taken on a whole new kind of love.  Unfortunately, we will have to skip our new tradition of Friday night dinners and darts, but we’ll pick … Continue reading