I’m Rough & Tough

So yesterday I wasn’t feeling very much like writing.  Wasn’t any particular reason why.  I just got lost in the world of FB and ran out of time.  Forget about trying to get in a good posting while I’m at work…it’s been so crazy at work lately that I really can’t feel like I’m getting anything done!  Although, I did get two drafts written and in that process sort of refined this chapter that’s giving me problems.  That’s a good thing right?  That means that this is working?

Football started up last night with an upsetting win to the Cowboys.  I, for one, am glad the Cowboys won…it’s time to see some strong teams this side of the Mississippi ;).  But, did anyone else catch that kick off show with No Doubt?  Did any one else see how great Gwen looked?  She looked like she stepped right out of 1999 and took that stage!  That girl didn’t look like she had two kids!  LOL  I so LOVE that they are back!  😀

I’m going to cut this rambling short today…want to go look at my draft and see if I can plug in my changes to my chapter.  Once I get past this hump I’ve been stuck on I think I’ll be able to sail down hill.  I feel like I’ve had my wheels stuck in a rut and I’m finally getting that momentum to be able to get em out!

Till next time… Live Every Moment….Laugh Every Day…..Love Beyond Words


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