This Day In History

Where were you in the morning on this date?  I was a newsie back then.  Every morning I had my coffee in hand, news on the tv watching what was going on in the world while I had been sleeping.  Funny, I only traveled about two miles to work back then, but I still wanted to see the traffic.  Maybe I was looking to see how bad traffic was for my honey who was already off to work, maybe I wanted to make sure I didn’t hear about any traffic incidences that involved the vehicle he was driving in.

Maybe it was for the weather.  I love the weather!  Where is the jet stream coming from this week?  Are we getting high or low pressure?  Is there moisture coming up from the south that will bring us rain?  Are we getting a gust of cold from the north to bring us more snow?

Yea, I was a dork…who am I kidding, I still am 😉

But, what I wasn’t expecting was to turn the corner from the kitchen to the living room to see what I saw on television.  I thought I was watching a commercial for a movie coming out or a new show that was to air.  Then, I heard the new anchors talking.  That wasn’t a commercial.  I’d missed the first part of what had happened and immediately turned up the volume.  The anchors couldn’t even explain what had happened.  I was glued to the tv until I was almost late for work.

I was a listener of Mark & Brian at the time this happened and listened as they talked about what they were watching while on the air.  They took calls.  They consoled callers who were upset.  They kept me updated while I was away from the tv.  To me it was a comfort to hear them say they had no idea what was going on, but that they’d be there on air for us.

I got to work and the tv in the office was on.  We all watched everything unfold.  It seemed so surreal to me.  I couldn’t believe this was happening here.  I’m sure a collective gasp throughout the country was heard as we all witnessed.

The following days brought a solidarity of a nation.  It was amazing.  Flags flew on houses and even on cars as we all scrambled to display our love for our country and to pay our respects to those that passed.

I know we as a nation will never forget.  Take a moment to remember.

Till next time … Live Every Moment…Laugh Every Day… Love Beyond Words


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