Happy Friday!  I love Friday’s.  Everyone is in such a happy mood, looking forward to the freedom a weekend can bring.   Trips, adventures, you name it.  For us, Friday’s have taken on a whole new kind of love.  Unfortunately, we will have to skip our new tradition of Friday night dinners and darts, but we’ll pick right up next week. 😉  I am going to get to see my other set of parents this weekend and I have that to look forward to. 😀

I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment last night.  Maybe a way to get around the block I have on how to continue past a chapter that has been bugging me.  I don’t like it when it seems as if chapters don’t go together smoothly or things jump around too much.  I get lost.  I don’t want anyone to get lost.  Maybe I just get so excited that I want to get to the part I like best.  Or sometimes I write myself into something I don’t know how to connect together.  Either way, I think I figured it out and I’m excited to test it out by giving it to my beta when complete.

I’m thinking of starting something here.  At the end of each post I ask a question.  You can either answer in the comments below or on my FB page .  Maybe a Friday morning tradition?

What’s your favorite point of view?

Till next time…Live Every Moment….Laugh Every Day…Love Beyond Words


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