Forward Progress

At least I’d like to think of it as forward progress.  Anything that isn’t back tracking is moving forward, right?

I decided over the weekend that I’d set my alarm clock fifteen minutes earlier so I could maybe get some writing time in.  I know fifteen minutes doesn’t seem like that much time, but it’s been so great the last two mornings.  I think I might be making forward progress.

I’d said before that I was stuck on a chapter.  It’s a critical chapter because it’s going to start to bring my two characters together.  I don’t want to just throw them into  It’s hard for me because I’ve already written ahead and know how the outcome is and yet, I want it to be natural.  It’s frustrating to me as well because I’m so excited to try and wrap it up, but I have such little time in which to work with.

Not only have I re-written this chapter too many times to count, it’s been all I can think about.  I was so excited to have maybe come to a conclusion as to how I want this chapter to go.  I started it this last Friday and keep adding a little at a time.  And a little at a time is just fine by me.   I’m looking forward to some extra writing time this week.  😉

Till next time … Live Every Moment…Laugh Every Day…Love Beyond Words


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