Untitled Musings

In the months that I have been trying my hand at writing again, I’ve found something interesting.  Some of my characters have branched into something completely different.  I knew in the moment that they wouldn’t have anything to do with my main story, but for some reason, I had to write out their scene.  Maybe one day I’ll go back and dive deeper, but not right now.  Case in point (and this is only part of the chapter I wrote….you tell me if you want to read more) 😉  :

‘Mr. Malone’

I knew my Father acted insane at times, he had to in order to do what he did, but this was beyond anything I’d ever seen or heard before.  How could he be even thinking such a thing?

“If you don’t have it in you to do it, I will,” he stated coolly.

“What…how… why now,” I stammered realization slowly sinking in, “no, wait, I can’t, you can’t…”

He was not listening.  How could he even be talking about doing this to her?  Could he not see what she meant to me?

“Someone has to.  No one can know.  I tell you this, yet you choose not to listen.  You chose to bring her into this situation.  Now we have to take care of it. If you can’t.  I will.”

“No,” I yelled, “I love her, you can’t!  I won’t let you!”

“Son, you’re young.  You don’t know what you are talking about.  You don’t know love, you don’t know what’s best for you.”

“I’m eighteen!  I’m old enough!”

“You’re young!”  He barked slamming his fist to the table, “and foolish and irresponsible!”

My blood was boiling.  All I could see was red.  How dare he suggest we do anything to hurt my girl.  He thinks he knows what’s best for me?

“You have no idea what love is yet.”

My teeth ground together with each of his words, my nostrils flared with each violent breath I took.

“She.  Has.  To.  Go.”

I couldn’t take it anymore.  My mind shut down allowing my body to just take over.  This person in front of me was threating someone I cared about.  He was no longer my Father, he was the enemy.  My hands balled into tight fists and without another word I took a swing.  I was going to nail this fucker right square on the nose.  Lay him out and buy us enough time that we could escape.  We could leave and never look back.  I knew enough to get us by.

I was so ready to feel the satisfaction of my knuckles meeting his face.  I just wanted the joy of seeing him fall to the ground.  My plan was foiled when an inch from slamming my fist into his worthless face, I was stopped.  A huge dark mitt wrapped around my wrist and in one fluid motion, I was face first on the floor, hands behind my back, a boot in my shoulders.

“You do not have to like what we have to do,” my Father said into my ear as I struggled to breathe against the pressure on my chest, “but you do have to respect the decisions that I make because they are only made with your best interests at heart.  I wish you could see that.  I expect you to break all ties with her and you are NEVER to see her again, understood?”

“No,” I squeaked out.

I felt the boot push harder as I fought to say the word he was waiting to hear.  I wasn’t willing to give in, not yet.

“How hard are you going to make this, son?”

The boot pushed harder.  Shit if he pushed anymore he’d step right through me.  And knowing what he was about to do, I really didn’t give a rat’s ass if he did.

“Until his foot fucking stomps through my God-damned chest and stops my beating heart, cause, that’s what this fucking feels like,” I choked out writhing in one final attempt to escape, which of course got me nowhere.

My Father sighed, “fine, have it your way, you stay here and I’ll take care of it.  Greg, make sure he doesn’t leave this room until I return.”

Greg’s deep baritone simply answered, “yes, sir.”

~*~                         ~*~                         ~*~                         ~*~                         ~*~                         ~*~

I felt the car slow and come to a stop.  I’d been so lost in my memories I hadn’t noticed that we had arrived.  Looking down, I saw my fingers mindlessly rubbing the charm I still wore around my neck.  Not even ten years had passed and yet, it seemed like a lifetime ago.  Whoever said time heals is a fucking liar.

Justin, my new driver, cleared his throat.  I’m sure he was wondering if he should interrupt or not.  I missed having Troy as my driver.  He wasn’t afraid to speak up.  It was always so difficult to get the new staff adjusted to the way I liked things around here, but I owed Troy a great deal and giving his little brother a home seemed like a small price to pay.  So I used every ounce of patience I could muster.

I looked up seeing he was watching me through the rear view mirror and I forced a smile for him as I let the charm fall back to my chest.  I really was trying to make him feel comfortable, I wanted him to feel as if he had a home here, but I couldn’t baby him forever.  I don’t have time for that kind of bull shit.

“Justin, why don’t you go ahead and take the car back to my place.  I’ll be here all day today and there’s no sense in you hanging around when I’ve got your brother here.  I’ll just have him drive me home today.  I’ll be fine.”

“Yes, sir.”

I sighed and placed a hand on his line-backer sized shoulder, “Justin, I know you’ve only been here for a few weeks, but, when we not in the presence of clients or patrons I don’t want the formalities.  I insist you call me by my first name.”

“Yes, si-,” he let out an exasperated sigh, “sorry, I mean, yes … Victor… I’ll get the car home and await further instructions.”

“You will do no such thing.  You go back to my place and stand down soldier,” I smiled at him and squeezed his over-sized shoulder, “I am around you fuckers twenty-four seven so I don’t want to start thinking my name is ‘sir’ and I have to give ‘further instructions.’  Go relax, read a book, take a nap, play some video games. Hell, jerk off for all I care.  Maybe it will help you relax.”

I exited the vehicle poking my head back into the window, “but, if you do the latter, please, just not on my couch.”

He chuckled, “you got it, Victor.”

Because of the extensive military back ground of the men I hired it was hard for them to shake what had been pounded into them during their training.  Not that I was trying to make them soft, I just couldn’t stand the sound of being called ‘sir.’  My Father was ‘sir’ and I was most definitely not like that bastard.

I entered the secret pin and placed my thumb on the print scanner that was needed to open the door to my second home, Malone Stables.  Before my father had passed away I’d never believed that it actually existed.  He’d talked about it here and there, but doing what we do, sometimes the lines of reality get blurred and I was never sure exactly what was fact and what was fiction.

At the time I figured that it was another one of his fake companies, a front for his other life.  After a few months of going through the books and experiencing a few seasons here it was obvious he’d been trying to change for me.  And I stress trying.  Who knew he was capable of running a legitimate business.  Well, about as legitimate as my Father could be.

Too bad it was too little, too late.  It took me a few years, but I finally got the place cleaned up more or less and got the books straightened out somewhat.  Most bets that took place now were from real people off the street, the way it should be.  Not the mob bosses and biker gangs dirty money.  It was tough, but most respected my decision based on the past they had with my Father.  I still had a few I had to deal with.  Hence the reason for the men I hired and the backgrounds that I demanded they have.

“Mr. Malone, good morning,” my ever eager to please Secretary greeted me with a smile from behind a small desk in the corner of the quaint lobby area, “I do hope you’re doing well this morning.”

“Good morning, Lois,” I greeted back stopping for a moment before I started back to my office, “thank you, I am doing as well as can be expected on three hours of sleep.”

“Another long night?”

I sighed, “sometimes I wish I could just turn my phone off.  How is it that there is trouble nearly every night this week?”  I asked not really searching for an answer and tried to duck away into the hallway down to my office.

I was not going to get away so easily, I could hear the quick click of her heels on the tile floor behind me as she struggled to keep up.  My schedule was in hand, I was sure.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Mr. Malone.  I hope your day gets better.  Um, your final competitor for this weekend’s race arrived this morning at eight and is settling in at the North stables, stall number fourteen.  At ten is the final meeting with the advertisers for race day.  You’ll need to make your decision on the banners and the possibility of air advertising.  They have to know by the end of your meeting because today is the deadline to get them signed, you know.  At noon is your lunch with Frank and then you have a two o’clock with Tidwell Industries about the design of the trophy and the inking of the photographer.”

I stopped abruptly and turned around to find her glasses on the edge of her nose, her face buried in my appointment book.  She had a pen in her left hand and a pencil tucked behind her right ear.  So obviously she was not paying attention and didn’t see that I had stopped causing her to crash into me and bounce off of my chest.  Her glasses fell crooked on her face and a strand of grey hair fell across her eye.  She reached up to straighten them without missing a beat.

“How do you do that?” I asked the corner of my mouth turned upward slightly in amusement.

Lois smoothed down her light pink blouse and answered her tone stone cold serious, “it’s what you pay me to do, Mr. Malone.  I keep track of your day to day and-”

“No not that,” I interrupted waiving my hand in front of me for her to stop.  I tried not to laugh at her serious tone.  I pointed to the appointment book, “my whole schedule came out without a single breath.  How do you do that?”  I asked laughing slightly.

Lois had apparently enjoyed the late sixties and early seventies as she failed to realize that fashion changed in the later decades.  It was apparent in the knee length polyester skirts she wore on a daily basis with blouses that buttoned snug to the top.  Her hair also was stuck in a decade long ago, but was now sprinkled with silver strands.  She had been my father’s eyes and ears when he was unable to be at the stables in person.  I pondered for a moment wondering if her coldness was due to the fact that she was now old enough to be the bosses Mother?  Did that bother her?  Or was my Father that callous that he’d made her this way?

There really was no need for Lois to act as she did.  I’d never asked for anything different than I expected from the rest of the staff.  In fact, if anything, I did more to make sure she was well taken care of, especially after all she had to put up with my Father all those years.  I didn’t approve of his way of running such a cold place to work.  He’d turned these people into robots that show no emotion.

Everyone seemed to cower when I first walked in like I was my Father’s boy coming in to pick up where he left off.  As if I didn’t already think he was a prick.  I didn’t need anyone keeping track of my daily schedule or running off for my coffee or any of the other millions of things she did around here that I didn’t really know she did.  But, this place ran smooth as silk and, I had to admit, it did ease my mind slightly that Lois was handling things so I could attend to more pressing business.  Besides, she wouldn’t hear of it when I suggested anything otherwise.

“I hadn’t noticed, Mr. Malone,” she answered straight-faced, “I’ll try to be more aware next time.”

I sighed, “no, Lois, that’s not … I didn’t mean … Oh, never mind,” I gave up, “just, tell security to send me this mornings feed.  I want to see who our final competitor is.”

“Yes, Mr. Malone,” she stated as she fought the corner of her mouth from turning upward, “and, just so you know, she, I mean they, are still here.”

~hhhhmmmmmmmm…..who is SHE?  Would you like to know?  If you do, you’d better comment below or we may never know 😉 ~

Until next time….Live Every Moment….Laugh Every Day….Love Beyond Words!


2 thoughts on “Untitled Musings

  1. I can’t tell you how good it feels to read your material again. I’ve been transported back in time. I can’t wait to read the rest of your material. And yes, I would like to know who SHE is. :o) I’ll provide more substantive feedback later. Thank you so much for sharing. I didn’t realize it until now, but I’ve missed it.

    • Thanks Kiara, so glad to have you on board!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to share more with you!! Sooooo…. just for you, I’ll post the next installment in the am 😉 Keep watch….he he he

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