Late Night Rambles

I feel like a teenager.  I’m anxious.  I’m giddy.  I’m beside myself waiting for the moment I get to see my  man.  It sounds like we’ve been apart for a long period of time.  Like it’s been months, even years since we’d looked into each others eyes.  Yet, it has only been two days.

Look I know it sounds ridiculous at least for some couples.  I realize that not everyone has what we do.  I know couples that have been together for a lot shorter than we’ve been together and rejoice in having their partner gone for a weekend’s time to do as they wish.  And yes, sometimes it is nice to stop at a store on my way home and not explain why, but what’s better is to have someone who cares enough to wonder where you are.  Someone you can laugh with and awe with when sitting down at the TV at night over something as stupid as the local pizza commercial.  Someone who is on your side or your level to giggle with you when a familiar commercial start playing.  ~Whoop dog fish~

And I am up way past my bedtime…I’m listening to some great music trying to get suddenly inspired to write something great in my sleepy stupor.  We all know that isn’t going to happen other wise I wouldn’t be here, I’d be writing in my chapters.  Instead I’m stumbling through this post as I chair dance.  I’m not going to get very literary, not this late into the night, anyway.

Nite Peeps…I know when I need to get to bed!  Please ignore all spelling errors that may have occurred.  May not get to talk until Monday morning…so until then…

Live Every Moment…Laugh Every Day…Love Beyond Words. 🙂


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