Football Ramblings

Wait, first let me preference this by saying I don’t know a lot about the sport.  I don’t know player stats.  I couldn’t tell you any one’s passing yards, rushing yards, touchdown passes or any of that.  What I can tell you is that usually I enjoy watching the game.  I love the athleticism of the players.  I love the spirit of the fans.  I look forward to Sunday and Monday.  The football music, the sound of the commentators in the back ground while I clean  house or make dinner.  It’s comforting to me.  But, there is something wrong with this season.  Something is off.

It’s the refs they’ve brought in because of contract negotiations.  They are horrible.  And I don’t know what it is.  Are they scared to make calls?  Are they afraid to look stupid on national TV because they make a mistake?  Teams are getting away with things that they wouldn’t before.  Guys are getting pushed and shoved and tackled the way the pro refs wouldn’t let them get away with.  At least, in my opinion.  Because even I saw things that should have been called but were missed!

I saw a team nearly get away with a touch down because the refs didn’t call the man down mid-field and the ball was picked up by the other team.   I saw a quarterback get roughed up.  Should have been called.  I saw hits with helmets.  Should have been called.

I know, I know…nothing that can be done.  It is what it is and the players and coaches have to work through it.  I just hope that the players don’t take advantage of the situation.  We don’t need to see any more like we did yesterday where  a player had to be carted off after being sandwiched between two other players in the end zone.  No they didn’t hit him on purpose, just trying to get at the ball, but would they have been as aggressive at it had the normal refs been there?

I don’t know, call me a silly girl who doesn’t know what’s going on with football.  Go ahead, tell me I am totally wrong.  It was just something I saw yesterday while watching Sunday football that bothered me.

I am looking forward to tonight 🙂  Our Seahawks are playing.  They beat the Cowboys last week….lets see if they can handle Green Bay 😉

Are YOU ready for some football?

Until next time….Live Every Moment…Laugh Every Day….Love Beyond Words


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