Experiences.  We all have them in some way or another.  They can shape you.  They can mold you.  They can point you in a direction you didn’t know you were supposed to go.   Do they change your thought process?

Do you let them take over?  That’s the bigger question.  Do you let your experiences change who you are?  More importantly, do you let it change ones around you?  Are you more overprotective of your children because you were once almost dragged into a vehicle as a child?  Do you get squeamish at the sight of water because you nearly drown before?

Now, you notice I’m not simply talking about learning to tie your shoes or read or anything like that.  Every one of us has had an experience like that, that’s a simple part of growing up.  I’m talking about a life changing event that only you experienced.  That changes who you were in some shape or form.  Not everyone has had one of these.  One of those moments where you don’t realize it until it’s over what you experienced and when you do you say … whoa, how did I survive that?  Or wonder how you walked away unharmed?

Have you had one of these moments?  How did it change you?  Or did it change you?


One thought on “Experiences

  1. I’ve had a few. I think for many close friends I’ve talked to, it’s always events that happen when we’re small children that seem to seal a part of our personality,;that completely alter who we were to become. And then some of us, spend the greater part of our lives trying to overcome things that feel like they are at the core of who we are, but that you know were planted there by experiences in early childhood. For me the question has long been ‘how do you alter whom you’ve always perceived yourself to be?’ Or seemingly “always”, as the experiences seem to generally occur before the age of five. How do you get to the point where you can say “Oh, just kidding, that’s not who I am.” How do you undo the trauma of a powerful experience?

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