Moving On-Our Therapy

This picture right here is why I had to go back.  Why WE had to go back.  Those of you who know me know what happened back in February of this year.  You also know how much of a toll it took on me and our little family.  So, for us to saddle up and jump back into this horse, it was a big deal.

I’ve been trying so hard not to let it show.  Trying so hard to get the boys excited.  I don’t want my boys to be afraid of what we loved so much.  All the pent up emotions ended up resulting in a melt down the week before the trip.  Upside was, I did feel much better after I purged to my other half.

Our trip didn’t start off all roses and chocolate.  Why would it?  We left in the dark and the exiting storm was making the wind pick up.  Not a great way to travel, for me anyway.   Luckily, my other half took it easy and engaged me in conversations to keep my mind busy.  *love him*

Maybe it was a good thing it was dark and I couldn’t see.  I took comfort in my fluffy little dog curled up in a ball in my lap absorbing all of my negative energy like he knew how I felt and let me squeeze him to pieces during the drive.

I call this my first session of therapy.  And there shall be many more.  I have been told that one session will take place at the scene of the incident.  We haven’t set up a date yet as to when we’ll go.  I’m not sure how I feel about going back there yet.  But, I think we both need to.  I don’t know how we’ll react until we are there and memories start to flood back.  Only time will tell.

All I know is I don’t want my boys to be scared of the desert or of riding.  Yes, accidents happen, but they could happen anywhere at any time, not just in the desert.  I want them to have good memories of our camping.  So, now we will smother them with lot of marshmallows on the fire, exploration in the desert, riding adventures and laughter with friends and family.

Till next time, Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day & Love Beyond Words


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