Posted in January 2013

Stranger In The Night (Part 3)

If you haven’t checked out the beginning, I highly suggest it 😉 ____________________________________ He entered behind me shutting the door once he was in and I heard the locks engage. My breathing stopped.  What was I thinking?  Locked in a car not only with a strange man in the backseat, but his rather large driver … Continue reading

Stranger In The Night (Part 2)

Hi everyone 🙂  So I decided to continue down the path I’d started with this scene that I didn’t use.  Why not?  It was fun to write and think up and I wanted to share with you.  Would you accept a ride with a handsome stranger? _______________________________________________ I looked to my left and to my … Continue reading

Stranger In The Night (Part 1)

This was originally titled The Only Exception.  Then my story went in a different direction than I had anticipated and this portion was put away.  Yes, things changed that drastically.  lol  This was my jump back into writing back about three years ago.   Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it…so, I’m going to share with … Continue reading

Come Home

Remember how I said I wanted to change things up a bit?  Stretch my writing legs, if you will.  This scenario below is pretty much what I see in my head every time the song with the same title comes on the radio.  No one else has seen this…you are all the first ones to lay eyes … Continue reading

Something New For 2013

Hi all! Hope you had a great New Years ring into 2013. We had a blast. And I had an idea… Instead of writing about…whatever…I’ve decided that I want to do something different. Each post is going to be a short story of some kind.  Some sort of idea that is swirling in my mind. … Continue reading