Something New For 2013

Hi all! Hope you had a great New Years ring into 2013. We had a blast. And I had an idea…

Instead of writing about…whatever…I’ve decided that I want to do something different. Each post is going to be a short story of some kind.  Some sort of idea that is swirling in my mind.  It may not be finished. Heck, I’m not going to guarantee it will be perfect in any form of the word, but it will allow me to stretch my writing legs. Bring on the feed back. Tell me it was stupid.  Tell me you liked it.  Make sure I know if I lost you.  Or if I stopped too soon and you were into the characters, I like to hear that as well. Because if I didn’t complete the story and you want to hear more, tell me and I’ll see if I can expand on it.

So, who’s down to see what 2013 brings for stories to tell?

Till next time…Live Every Moment…Laugh Every Day…Love Beyond Words…


What do you think....

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