Come Home

Remember how I said I wanted to change things up a bit?  Stretch my writing legs, if you will.  This scenario below is pretty much what I see in my head every time the song with the same title comes on the radio.  No one else has seen this…you are all the first ones to lay eyes on it.  That being said, I can almost guarantee you that there will be some errors in what you are about to read.  I did the best I could in one weeks time.  I hope you enjoy 🙂 Oh, and word of warning….it may or may not be finished 😉


I walked blindly through the flurry of snowflakes toward an unknown destination.  Their frozen tips stinging my exposed cheeks and nose.  I’d left in haste forgetting the proper attire for a night like this, but I just couldn’t stand to be there anymore.  The looks, the unfair accusations and I’d done nothing wrong.  Well, in my hazy post-work stupor it had seemed like I’d done nothing wrong.  Just an hour ago I’d arrived to a warm, loving home to rest my head in.  Now, I had the stone cold concrete beneath my worn out boots and the bitter winter wind flinging little cold pellets at my face.  Amazing how fast your world can come crumbling down.

I wasn’t sure how long I’d been out here, but it was long enough for my toes to become uncomfortably numb.  My fingers, even though stuffed into my jacket pockets, were icy and achy.  Serves me right.  I had no idea what had happened.

A twangy singing voice caught my ear, the lyrics seeming to say exactly what I was thinking.  I paused and glanced up to my right toward the music to see the glowing neon sign of ‘Stu’s Brews’ in bright red.  Had I really wandered that far from the house?  I sighed.  Maybe a friend was just what I needed.

I used my shoulder to push open the door.  A wave of warm air instantly melting away the frost from my cold limbs.  The smell of musty beer and fried foods tickled my nose.  The music seemed to blend into the background of the rumble of conversations that didn’t stop upon my entrance.

Two older gentlemen wearing cowboy hats with snake skin boots to match were shooting a game at the only pool table Stu could get to fit in the place. A young couple sat at a small round table; their hands reaching out to one another fingers laced together.  She giggled a little too loudly at something he’d said and even though I’m sure what he’d said hadn’t been that funny, he smiled.  It was as if no one else existed.  Their eyes never wavering from each other as his thumb gently rubbed along her knuckles.

I looked away shaking my head.  My heart ached.  I remember when we were like that.  So giddy for each other.  Not a care in the world except each other.  What the hell had I done?

Taking my hands from my pockets, I shoved the hood of my sweater back and shuffled over to the bar.  Four of Stu’s regulars sat with their backs to me; Lonnie, Richard, Bob and Ray.  Emily, one of the waitresses, sat on the far corner talking to Bob, waiting for someone to need her services.  I walked up to the end where no one was sitting and plopped onto a bar stool.

“Stu,” I called out over the crowd, “bring me a shot of Blue.”

“Hey, s’up, man?  What’re you doing here?” he nodded his head toward me with a smile on his face that quickly turned to a frown.   Stu walked over, hesitantly pulled out a shot glass and proceeded to fill it with Johnny Walker Blue. “Shouldn’t you be home with Kristy?”

I grabbed the shot, threw it back enjoying the burning it created down my throat and slammed the glass back to the counter top. “Another.”

I could see him eyeball me out of the corner of my vision pausing to survey my situation.  I’m sure I looked like hell; the jacket I’d grabbed had to be at least ten years old and was frayed on the edges, I was in an old pair of sweat pants and as he filled the glass again I realized I was wearing a black t-shirt that was spotted with stains.

I flung the second shot into my mouth, the burn just as intense as the first and signaled for another.

I saw his head shake and my eyes shot up to his.

“Not until you tell me why the fuck you’re here and not home on Christmas Eve…with your wife.”

“Who’s friend are you anyway, Stu?”

“Don’t make me choose, Phil.  You know I love you like a brother and we’ve been through a lot of shit together, but I have to stand by my sister.  And if you’re here drinking and not at home with her, there’s something wrong.”

“She’s not your sister, Stu.”

“She’s Kelly’s sister so that makes her my sister.  Come on, man, I’ll pour you another if you tell me what’s up?  You two have a fight?”

I palmed the back of my neck, “you could say that.  You could also say I’m an idiot that doesn’t deserve someone like her.”


You know, I’d rather not end a story just to end it.  I’d much rather have a well thought out way I want it to be left.  In that respect, I do apologize if you were looking for something complete.  It won’t always be this way, I promise.

Until next time … Live Every Moment…Laugh Every Day….Love Beyond Words


4 thoughts on “Come Home

  1. Different type of blog….kept the reader binded.. flow is gud…presentation is gud…and ending is unique. An open ending gives the liberty 2 the reader 2 mould it the way they like…loved reading this 🙂

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