Stranger In The Night (Part 4)

Morning all!!  Hope you’ve had a fantastic week so far.  Just a warning on the first paragraph…Oh, and if you haven’t, I suggest you go check this out from the beginning 😉  Enjoy…


I looked back out my window at the passing cars to get out from under his unwavering fixation.  I hadn’t noticed until I started talking to him that he’d been staring.  It was a bit unnerving the way he was looking at me.  It wasn’t the way I’d been looked at back at the restaurant; like I was being stripped naked and fantasy fucked on his imaginary bed.

No, it was more like the way someone would look if they were fondly remembering someone they cared about.  Maybe I reminded him of someone?  A sister?  A girlfriend?  Maybe that’s why he wanted me safe.  Maybe he was just a rich guy who had a soft spot for helping out a damsel in distress.

“I’m sure he regrets his decision.”

“Excuse me?” I turned back in his direction surprised by his implication and at the remorse laced in his words.

“Your plans changed, you said.  I imagine that meaning he cancelled.”

Here he goes again with his assumptions.

“Do you always assume you know everything about everyone?”

“Not always.  Only when I’m right.”

I shot him a glare frustrated with his cockiness and turned back to the window suddenly not feeling like talking to him anymore.  Shouldn’t be too much longer until we got to his destination and I could go home, hopefully.

“I have a tendency to know how people will behave, what they will say, how they will react,” he continued, “most times, I’m right.”

“Yea, well this time you’re wrong.”

“Okay, well, it wouldn’t be the first time, but it doesn’t happen often.  I doubt I’m wrong this time, though.”

I looked over at him watching me carefully.  His eyes flickered briefly before I saw his lips purse, seeming to try and hold back laughter.

What a cocky son of a ….

“Arrogance is not an attractive trait, you know,” I started eyeing him carefully and crossing my arms across my chest, “fine!   It wasn’t his fault … I left.”

Keep it simple, Sarah.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” he retorted, “why did you leave?”

“I was … uncomfortable.”

“You didn’t like his taste in restaurants?”

“No, that wasn’t it,” I snorted through my nose remembering the valet parking, sharply dressed maitre d’ and much too expensive bottles of wine that had been ordered.

“Did he forget to bring you flowers?”


My forehead creased in frustration at his persistence.

“No, he didn’t bring me flowers, but that wasn’t it either,” I insisted shaking my head.  “It wasn’t … it was supposed to be …different.”

His body turned toward me, his eyes never wavering.  His gaze seemed like he was intent on memorizing my face.  Each question he asked I noticed his eyes flicker with that sadness and then it would disappear with each of my answers.

Suddenly, he looked away and while looking out his window he said softly, “don’t worry, he will forgive you.”

I was about to tell him that I didn’t really care, that he was no one important to me, he was just a pawn in a story and this was just part of my job.  I didn’t even want to be  there in the first place.  Should I tell him about my best friend and how she always had the best of intentions, but because of my bad luck, things always turned out for the worst?

I wanted to ask him questions.  I wanted to know who she was, the one who brought about such pain, such sorrow, such need that it would drive him to feel inclined to help a complete stranger that was scrambling to ditch her … date.

But, he beat me to the punch with three little words that stabbed at my heart like nothing I’d heard before.

“Because I would.”

I stared at him as he kept looking out the window wondering how to respond.  I stopped myself from saying anything when I realized he wasn’t going to look back in my direction.  Was I not meant to hear that?  Was he really being sincere?

Why would he care about me?

My mouth opened to say something, then it closed.  What was I going to say?  Who was I to belittle and question the man who saved my ass from embarrassment just moments ago?

“Sir, we are here,” the driver said.

His words startled me.  My eyes met Mr. Smith’s in the rear view mirror.  I’d been so enveloped in our odd conversation that I hadn’t felt the car come to a stop.  Relief washed over me when I realized that he’d be on his way and I’d get to go home leaving all of this behind me.  This evening seemed to get more and more strange.  I’d had enough to deal with tonight.  I was in desperate need to just go home.  Sweet, sweet home where I could get out of this stupid dress and into some super comfy sweat pants, watch the ball drop at midnight on the Dick Clark special and pretend that none of this night ever happened.

“We don’t have to cut this night so short,” he started before opening his door and my eyes darted to his, that sparkle was back, “come with me.  You’ll make my evening more bearable.  I don’t have a date, and it is New Year’s Eve.”

‘Date?  He wants me to be his date?’ I thought suddenly becoming flustered.  My breathing shallowed.  The same need to get away I’d felt moments ago in the restaurant filled me. ‘How do you say no to a man like this?  How do you tell him no when you aren’t asked, but it’s stated that he wants you to go?’

“I-I-I can’t,” I shook my head with those words, “I have to, um, I really have to get home.”  My heart pounded in my chest.  Why was it so warm in here?  I needed air.  “My friend, Kat, she’ll be worried if I don’t get home right away.  She’s, um, she’s expecting me, sort of, and I don’t have my cell on me so if she tries to get a hold of  me she won’t be able to and if I don’t show…”

He waved his hand for me to stop my blabbering.

Did I just tell him my best friends name and the fact that I didn’t have my phone with me?  Nice, Sarah.

“It’s okay,” he said speaking even softer than before.  It took a moment to register what he said even though it shouted volumes in my head.  Then I noticed that sparkle in his eyes fade, “I completely understand.”  He turned to his driver, “Mr. Smith, make sure she gets home safe.  Do not leave her until she is through that door, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”


See you lovelies next week =^)

Live Every Moment….Laugh Every Day….Love Beyond Words


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