This Ain’t Goodbye

I just want to start off by first thanking every one of you who’s been following me on my journey.  Even those of you who just pop in now and then to check something out.  When I started this I had no knowledge of how to blog or what to blog.  All I knew was that this was something I needed to do.  I’ve learned a lot in my postings.  I feel as if I’ve become better, though I’m far from perfect, I am still growing.  I have you all to thank for checking in and reading. =^)  Because without you checking in and reading, I wouldn’t be writing.

So, that’s why I decided to write this little note to let you all know what I’m doing.  I’ve decided to move all my writings to  I’ll still check in here now and again and I will still post here, just not my stories and not as often.  It’s a personal preference, I guess.  Nothing to do with you all and I do hope to see you both here and the blogs new home.

I adore all of you who’ve taken the time to read my stories!  No, really, I do.  Because, to see that someone just stopped by made me smile.  To see all of you who simply clicked ‘like’, it made my day.  And the comments…I loved it!  If you have a Tumblr account, I’d love to have you follow me and I’ll follow you there.  Let me know by commenting below or find me at the link above.

This is just a small stepping stone on the journey I’ve begun.  Small, yet so important.  There might be more changes on the horizon, who knows.  But ,that’s the beauty of it because that’s what makes it interesting and fun.

That’s why this ain’t goodbye.  It’s more like a see ya later.  ‘Cause, I’m not going anywhere, just moving some things around.  I’ll be back here to ramble of things going on.  And to check in on those of you I am following.  It just might not be as predictable as it has been.

You can also follow along here: and here: if you’d like.  Those won’t ever change.

Until next time….Live Every Moment….Laugh Every Day….Love Beyond Words =^)


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