Road Block

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As a writer you know you are going to have days where you need to back away from your project and take a breather.   It comes with the territory.  Lets face it, we all need a break.  After a few days, or however long it takes, you come back to it with all sorts of ideas.   Fresh eyes are best, right?

Well, what happens when you do take that brake only to stare blankly at the paper in front of you or eye-twitch the computer screen.  You’re sure the flashing cursor is mocking your blank mind.  “Ha, ha, ha,” it says.  “You thought you could do this but you can’t!” Cue face slamming to desktop.

You see posts on Facebook from pages of other authors talking about how they are moving forward with their projects; editors, publishing, release days and …. wait, what?  You are going to send to an editor?  Already?

Yeah, I’ve been there.  In fact, I’m there right now.  I keep staring at the next chapter.  Blankly staring at the chapters.  I keep wondering if I’ve even made the right decision to write.  I don’t know what I’m doing!  What if no one ends up liking it?  What if I’m wasting my time?  Is what I’m writing even worth the headaches it’s giving me?  What if I keep at it and finally publish only to find out that no one wants to read it?  *eeeekkk*

Scary, right?  It almost makes you want to put that pen down right now and say, “I give!”  But, wait!  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Maybe you just need the break.  Look, we’ve all been there.  I thought I had this thing handled until I realized I needed to dial it in and when I did *slam* <—– that was/is me….walking head first into a brick wall.  I’m so lost right now.   I feel as if I could walk away from it forever and no one would care.  Who am I to think I could possibly produce anything worthy of your time?  Time is, after all, precious these days.  It should be worth it.  It should be gripping, suspenseful, tug at your emotions a little, fun…and if I don’t think it is, you won’t think it is. *insert sad face*

*deep breath*

Look, the last time I checked, we’re all human.  We all have emotions, we all have feelings.  Yes, there will be moments of doubt, that’s natural, none of us are perfect.  But, don’t stop writing.  Taking a break is fine, but always come back.  You can’t get better without practice.   And know that you aren’t alone.

So, go write because you have a story to tell and I want to read it.  Even if it’s just a few words you get down, that’s okay.  Because those few words will still be more than what was there the day before.



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