An Untitled Idea

Hi all!  Thought I’d share a little something with you.   Please note that this is unedited and subject to change.  This is also untitled.  


“I have a proposition for you.”

Those six little words didn’t mean much when Neal Caprio first said them to me.  So he had something to offer me.  What harm was it in hearing the man out?

Knowing what I know now, I don’t know if I’d make the same decision.   Even though today, I can’t imagine life without him.


My day had started out simple enough; got up and dressed, fed Peanut, my cat, and couldn’t wait to get my daily dose of caffeine.  That’s when I was approached by a strange man in the coffee house.

I’d only known him for the few seconds it took the barista behind the counter to whip up my caramel mocha espresso.  I hadn’t even glanced his way during our first exchange of ‘good mornings’ and ‘how are you’s.’  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why he’d decided to strike up a conversation with me.  And quite frankly, I was wishing he’d leave me be.

And then, he asked me those six little words.

“I have a proposition for you,” he stated coolly.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a question, more like an announcement.

“Excuse me?” I scoffed at his odd remark and shook my head.  “Look, I’m late for work already.  It was a pleasure meeting you.”

I turned, coffee in hand, and immediately regretted my last statement coming face to face with Neal.  It was more than a pleasure to meet him, it was breathtaking.

I’d failed to turn in his direction much during our minute long conversation.  His long-lashed blue eyes fixated on me.  He wore a freshly pressed burgundy long-sleeved button up tucked neatly into dark grey slacks.  Light brown hair was neatly trimmed in the back while the front was slightly longer and messy. He was the type of eye-candy your mom always warned about; the heart breaker.

He smiled as I brushed by him to leave.

“You don’t even want to know what it is?” he asked as I opened the door to the busy city street.

I paused.  A tiny part of me was curious as to what this guy could possibly offer me.  And more importantly, why me?  He looked like he’d just stepped off the cover of some trendy magazine and I looked like a girl who lived in a small apartment and didn’t have much money to spend on fancy clothes.  My was hair pulled into a loose pony tail.  I barely had time to throw on some mascara.  The capri’s I wore were at least three years old and showing their age and the light-grey blouse I wore had stuck with me since college years ago.

“Not really.”  I let the door close behind me and started to walk away.

“I work right across the street, over there,” his voice followed me down the sidewalk.

I glanced over to where he pointed.

‘Caprio and Stone Attorneys at Law,’ the sign read.

I froze and turned to him.

“Look, I swear, I’ll have rent by the end of the week,” I blurted.  “I just haven’t had the amount of clients I’d hoped to by now.  I’ve got two shoots this afternoon and three more tomorrow.  I think I’ll be able to scrape it up by Friday.”

I couldn’t get thrown out, not now.  The apartment had the most perfectly lit alcove for my photo shoots.  Sure business had been slow, but I wasn’t more than a couple of weeks late.  They’d hired an attorney already?  What happened to the warning on your door that you were late?

“Whoa,” he chuckled holding up his hands, palms out.  “I am here about business, but not your business.” He cleared his throat, “I’m a- I’m a fan of your work, Izzy.  My business partner and I are doing an interview for Money Magazine.  I want you to do the photo shoot.”

My face flushed, “You’re a fan of my work?”  And he knows my name?!?  “How do you- Where?”

He pointed to the bag I had strapped around my shoulder, “How many people do you know that walk around this busy city wearing a fifteen-hundred dollar Nikon around their neck?”

I looked down at my bag, “How did you know what it was?”

“Photography was a hobby of mine years ago.  I’m prepared to offer you ten grand right now and another ten grand after the shoot.  Providing, of course, you keep everything discrete.  If you’ll follow me to my office, I have all the paperwork drawn up for you to sign.”

©2013 ALDaviswrites


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