NaNo Project *warning*

*Unedited & raw content. All my own. Disclaimer: 18+ for language, violence.*


Once upon a time…Wait, once upon a time? Do you realize what happens in those stupid, fucking fairy tails? Who wants to live in a world where grandma gets eaten by a goddamned wolf or you’re trapped up in a castle until some douchey prince comes along to rescue you? I sure as hell don’t. There’s enough going on in the real world.  I don’t need make believe shit to worry about. There sure as hell weren’t any prince charming’s around here anyway, the pigs that inhabited this joint weren’t worth the air that they breathed. So no, this isn’t a once upon a time kind of story, this is my story. The name’s Victoria, but most people around here know me as Vic.

Tonight, I’m sitting at a bar. It’s louder than usual mostly because a couple of neanderthals decided to have a friendly game of pool only to have it escalate into a high-stakes, winner takes all game. A crowd had gathered around that pool table now and the cheering and screaming were starting to agitate my nerves.

I started drumming my fingernails on the wood. I wasn’t interested in those brainless idiots. My focus was sitting a foot away from me and I was ready to get this job done. “Louie, get this man another drink!” I shouted above the noise.

“That- that’s not necessary. I’m good,” the sheepish man sitting beside me answered, shaking his head.

“Nonsense. This one’s on me,” I said, taking the shot glass and slamming it to the bar. “Fill ‘er up, Louie.”

“I-I-I,” the man stammered.

“I insist.” I smiled for a brief second pushing the filled shot glass toward him.

His green eyes stared at me for a long moment before looking back to the shot glass. His skin was pale, worry evident in the wrinkles in his forehead. A shaky hand moved toward the glass and spilled droplets of the whiskey over the edge. He raised it toward his mouth and paused, “This is all a really bad dream, right? I’m going to wake up and it’ll all be over?”

I smirked, “You wish.” I barely gave him time to pour the golden liquid into his mouth before I got up and yanked on his arm pulling him to his feet, “Let’s go.” I shoved him in front of me steering him toward the restrooms. Down the hall was a door that led to the parking lot. We exited the building. “Oh, and if you’re thinking about running from me,” I threatened, pulling my silenced pistol from the back of my pants and shoving the barrel into his back. “You should know I have the reflexes of a cat and the accuracy of a well oiled machine. I haven’t missed my mark in my entire career and I’m not about to start with you.”

We crossed the parking lot and then the deserted two-lane highway into a forest of trees.

“Listen, Vic, can’t you just tell your boss I’ll have his money by the end of the week. I promise,” he begged. I hated beggars.

“You’ve had your chance, Simon.” We wound around trees and through bushes until I was sure the flash wouldn’t be seen. “This is far enough.” I kicked the back of his knee with my black boot forcing him to the ground.

“Vic, please.”

“Simon, shut up.”

A silent shot rang out. A quick flash lit up the forest. I pulled out my phone and dialed. It wasn’t long before it was answered.

“Yeah, come clean this shit up,” I said, then hung up and walked back to the highway.

_______To Be Continued___________________

© AL Davis 2014


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