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NaNo Project *warning*

*Unedited & raw content. All my own. Disclaimer: 18+ for language, violence.* _______________________________________________ Once upon a time…Wait, once upon a time? Do you realize what happens in those stupid, fucking fairy tails? Who wants to live in a world where grandma gets eaten by a goddamned wolf or you’re trapped up in a castle until some … Continue reading

Beautiful Disaster

*Another unused chapter from my first book. Changed some names so it could stand on it’s own. Hope you like it. Let’s meet Liz and Mark* *unedited and subject to change.* Liz The early spring sun was already a quarter of the way up the baby blue sky by the time I pulled up to … Continue reading

An unused chapter

Who knows…maybe this could be a start of another story.  I’m segmenting them into smaller sections for more postings.  Interesting to see how I started out and ended up, though.  I’ve changed all the names so it’s more ‘original.’  Enjoy, but remember, it is unedited and subject to change 🙂 _________ Never Say Never Sophie … Continue reading

An Untitled Idea

Hi all!  Thought I’d share a little something with you.   Please note that this is unedited and subject to change.  This is also untitled.   ___________________________________________________ “I have a proposition for you.” Those six little words didn’t mean much when Neal Caprio first said them to me.  So he had something to offer me. … Continue reading

Stranger In The Night (Part 2)

Hi everyone 🙂  So I decided to continue down the path I’d started with this scene that I didn’t use.  Why not?  It was fun to write and think up and I wanted to share with you.  Would you accept a ride with a handsome stranger? _______________________________________________ I looked to my left and to my … Continue reading

Stranger In The Night (Part 1)

This was originally titled The Only Exception.  Then my story went in a different direction than I had anticipated and this portion was put away.  Yes, things changed that drastically.  lol  This was my jump back into writing back about three years ago.   Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it…so, I’m going to share with … Continue reading

Untitled Musings Part 2

Today’s post is for a dear friend  of mine…it’s a continuation of an earlier post titled Untitled Musings.  Mind you, I have not yet read through this…it may be riddled with mistakes, spelling errors and other issues.  And it’s not finished either.  I do leave you hanging as to how this will end.  This is your … Continue reading

Untitled Musings

In the months that I have been trying my hand at writing again, I’ve found something interesting.  Some of my characters have branched into something completely different.  I knew in the moment that they wouldn’t have anything to do with my main story, but for some reason, I had to write out their scene.  Maybe … Continue reading

Just A Little Unfinished Business

No, it’s not finished.  I know, I know… but, I wasn’t sure I was going to finish this.  This is one of those thoughts that flashed through my mind one day when I was driving home and heard a song on my Slacker station.  I couldn’t resist writing something about what I’d seen.  A story … Continue reading