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This Ain’t Goodbye

I just want to start off by first thanking every one of you who’s been following me on my journey.  Even those of you who just pop in now and then to check something out.  When I started this I had no knowledge of how to blog or what to blog.  All I knew was that this was … Continue reading

Stranger In The Night (Part 1)

This was originally titled The Only Exception.  Then my story went in a different direction than I had anticipated and this portion was put away.  Yes, things changed that drastically.  lol  This was my jump back into writing back about three years ago.   Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it…so, I’m going to share with … Continue reading

This Boring Life

Yea, just the title you want to see.  That’s what I look for when searching for something to read.  Something with the word ‘boring’ right in the title.  That’s sure to pull you in.  I know, what can I say? I have nothing interesting to write about today. *throws hands up in defeat*  Nothing.  Nada. … Continue reading

Moving On-Our Therapy

This picture right here is why I had to go back.  Why WE had to go back.  Those of you who know me know what happened back in February of this year.  You also know how much of a toll it took on me and our little family.  So, for us to saddle up and … Continue reading


Experiences.  We all have them in some way or another.  They can shape you.  They can mold you.  They can point you in a direction you didn’t know you were supposed to go.   Do they change your thought process? Do you let them take over?  That’s the bigger question.  Do you let your experiences … Continue reading

Untitled Musings Part 2

Today’s post is for a dear friend  of mine…it’s a continuation of an earlier post titled Untitled Musings.  Mind you, I have not yet read through this…it may be riddled with mistakes, spelling errors and other issues.  And it’s not finished either.  I do leave you hanging as to how this will end.  This is your … Continue reading

Late Night Rambles

I feel like a teenager.  I’m anxious.  I’m giddy.  I’m beside myself waiting for the moment I get to see my  man.  It sounds like we’ve been apart for a long period of time.  Like it’s been months, even years since we’d looked into each others eyes.  Yet, it has only been two days. Look I … Continue reading