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Beautiful Disaster

*Another unused chapter from my first book. Changed some names so it could stand on it’s own. Hope you like it. Let’s meet Liz and Mark* *unedited and subject to change.* Liz The early spring sun was already a quarter of the way up the baby blue sky by the time I pulled up to … Continue reading

An unused chapter

Who knows…maybe this could be a start of another story.  I’m segmenting them into smaller sections for more postings.  Interesting to see how I started out and ended up, though.  I’ve changed all the names so it’s more ‘original.’  Enjoy, but remember, it is unedited and subject to change 🙂 _________ Never Say Never Sophie … Continue reading

Road Block

As a writer you know you are going to have days where you need to back away from your project and take a breather.   It comes with the territory.  Lets face it, we all need a break.  After a few days, or however long it takes, you come back to it with all sorts … Continue reading

This Ain’t Goodbye

I just want to start off by first thanking every one of you who’s been following me on my journey.  Even those of you who just pop in now and then to check something out.  When I started this I had no knowledge of how to blog or what to blog.  All I knew was that this was … Continue reading

Mr. Malone

Hi, y’all!  🙂  I know… I missed you last week, too!  I had to take a break from blogging, though.   I was firing off chapters of my story to my beta and I am so ready to get it complete.  I want to get my story published for you all to read.  But, for now, until that happens, I … Continue reading

Stranger In The Night (Part 4)

Morning all!!  Hope you’ve had a fantastic week so far.  Just a warning on the first paragraph…Oh, and if you haven’t, I suggest you go check this out from the beginning 😉  Enjoy… _________________________________________ I looked back out my window at the passing cars to get out from under his unwavering fixation.  I hadn’t noticed … Continue reading

Stranger In The Night (Part 3)

If you haven’t checked out the beginning, I highly suggest it 😉 ____________________________________ He entered behind me shutting the door once he was in and I heard the locks engage. My breathing stopped.  What was I thinking?  Locked in a car not only with a strange man in the backseat, but his rather large driver … Continue reading

Stranger In The Night (Part 2)

Hi everyone 🙂  So I decided to continue down the path I’d started with this scene that I didn’t use.  Why not?  It was fun to write and think up and I wanted to share with you.  Would you accept a ride with a handsome stranger? _______________________________________________ I looked to my left and to my … Continue reading

Something New For 2013

Hi all! Hope you had a great New Years ring into 2013. We had a blast. And I had an idea… Instead of writing about…whatever…I’ve decided that I want to do something different. Each post is going to be a short story of some kind.  Some sort of idea that is swirling in my mind. … Continue reading

The Voice

                                                       Warning: this is un-beta’ed but I wanted to share because it’s complete and I’ll be torturing you all with unfinished stuff for a while 😉 ___________________________________________________________ I shook … Continue reading