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Victor Malone

Yea, yea, yea…I know.  I’ve posted this story already.  Mind you it was in two parts before.  AND…I hadn’t had the talented Miss K take a look at it yet until it was posted here.  Something to keep in mind for future reference….send to her via email first and ALWAYS.  😉  This is my case … Continue reading

Victor Malone

So I posted this little partial story I’d written because…well, the character I’d cooked up and his story just wouldn’t hush.  I felt like I had to get it out there.  I hadn’t really gone back to read in a critical mind, but I posted it here anyway.  Then I had a magical moment where … Continue reading

Untitled Musings Part 2

Today’s post is for a dear friend  of mine…it’s a continuation of an earlier post titled Untitled Musings.  Mind you, I have not yet read through this…it may be riddled with mistakes, spelling errors and other issues.  And it’s not finished either.  I do leave you hanging as to how this will end.  This is your … Continue reading