Rambles About Me

I am but a girl trying to get out a story that plays in my head.  It all started back in high school.  A friend of mine and I used to write stories about a boy band.  Yes, we were those teenage girls.  Writing ourselves into situations where our favorite member had to come to our rescue.  I know, I know, but we were teenage girls, remember?  LOL  After reading the Twilight series and various forms of fan-fiction, I realized I had to try and jump back into the game.  I could do this too, right?

I write when I can, which is usually at the crack of dawn with my coffee during the week.  I have little time to get my words down since I’m busy wrangling two little boys and with the help of my awesome husband, trying to manage a household while working.  Sheesh, I’m exhausted just writing that! 😉

The first story I’ve completed was ‘The Voice’ which is available for free here http://www.feedbooks.com/user/profile if you’d like to check it out. Be nice, it was written while I was learning my way back into this craft and unedited.

I have finished my first novel as well, and it will be the first in a series.   Come help support me on this journey at www.facebook.com/justagirlsramblings by liking my page and following my rambling as I attempt to hone my skills.

I love feed back.  I adore input both good and the bad.   Honesty is the only policy around here.  😉  Please feel free to be interactive on my FB site and on my blog postings, it’s highly encouraged.

This post will be forever changing while I am  on this journey… I hope you enjoy it with me and thank you for stopping by.   🙂


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